5LE INC was established on November 21, 2010 based on the ideal of love with a positive change being the focal point of any and all business ventures.This faith has continued to be an amazing and pure foundation to the success of our company.


5LE INC | Five Elements Inc. offers:


Music Production 

Lensmenship (photography & videography)

Digital Marketing & Graphic Design

Brand Development & Management

Clothing Apparel


All services offered from our company are filled with the essence of love. When love is the soul essence of your creations, it makes the entire product flawless and beautiful. 

5LE Inc. products and services are built off the authentic qualities of love, life, lessons, literature, and loyalty.

As a full service entertainment company,  5LE Inc.’s goal is to transform and inspire a new wave of business through originality and empowerment for our community, customers and employees.